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This poem comes from having a father wound all of my life. The poem was written at the most painful time in my life. I was homeless, I was jobless, and I felt alone and abandoned. A woman that I wanted to have as a wife left me removing her son whom I loved as my own. God had other plans for us though, and His plan for me was to heal me and to grow me. To turn me into the man He had created me to be.

It was during this time that I was reflecting on my life and my dad had come to my mind. I let all the anger, hurt, and pain that had built up over the years and in my current situation, pour out of me. As I was writing 'A Father Lost' God came in and spoke to me and that became 'A Father Found'.

My life has changed so much since that time. God has been faithful in His promise to heal me, to take care of my needs, and to be a Father to me. I hope this writing will encourage others to come to God and to trust in God.

A Father Lost

Psalm 127:3-5

Daddy, I don't know why you left mommy and me
What did I say? What did I do?
Is it something that mommy said or something mommy did?
Daddy we are so sorry please come back we need you.

Where are you when I go to bed?
Where are you when I wake up?
Where are you during the day?
Where are you when I need a hug?

It has been weeks now that I have seen you.
There have been no letters or calls.
Every day I think of you and shed a tear.
It seems you forgot about me and don't care at all.

I needed you to keep me safe through the night.
I needed to wake up and hug you in the morning.
I needed your arms around me tight.
But all I have are tears that don't stop pouring.

Daddy, I am older now and my tears are gone.
All I have is anger for what you did to mommy and me.
Mommy has stopped crying from night to dawn
and if we ever meet I suggest you flee.

The pain you caused this family.
The heartache that we went through.
How I had to watch mommy do it on her own.
Raising a son, a rebellious teen, how she suffered for you.

Working two jobs to provide a meal.
Always making sure that we weren't without.
Working overtime to pay the bills.
Never having a moment for herself and full of doubt.
About raising me alone.
Without a dad around the house.

Daddy, I am older now and my anger is passed
and I wonder who and where you are.
Do you ever think of me or was I thrown out in the trash?
How I wonder if who I am is who you are.

I wish I could remember what you looked like.
I wish I had a picture to jog my mind.
I wish you could see your beautiful grandchild
I wish we could have some time.

I found out today that you have passed on.
Again I find a tear in my eye because of you.
The tear is not out of anger or fear.
It's because of everything I never knew.

A Father Found

2 Corinthians 6:18

Son, I was there the day your father left.
I saw the pain in your heart
and I couldn't help Myself, with you I wept
and I took you into My arms.

You were so hurt that you couldn't see Me
you couldn't hear My voice through the tears.
I knew I would have to protect you
over the up and coming years.

I wanted you to know how I love you.
I wanted you to feel My love and My touch.
I wanted you to know that I would never leave you.
I wanted you to know Me so much.

You didn't bring Me your pain to heal
I saw your anger and it was a painful blow.
So to your heart I made an appeal.
And My love for you, refused to let you go

I said just give me the chance and let Me in.
Let Me remove your anger and your pain.
For with My love there is no end.
An abundance of mercy and grace
to fill your heart, all for your gain.

Let My presence consume you like a fire
My voice like an ocean wave to your ear.
I will carry you when you are tired.
You will know I am always near.

I have loved from the beginning
and I will love you to the end.
For I saw you in every storm
and I knew I had to let you bend.

I have always kept My had upon you,
because I need you to come home.
I will never let you break
and push you too far gone.

You are very dear to Me
and I will hold your hand as we walk
I love our time at night,
when you pray to Me and we get to talk.

For I made you
So I know who your are
There will never be a moment,
that we are kept apart.

So this I say to you My son.
Keep your hope and your faith
Because no one will undo
what I have done.

I will see you when I bring you home
and we shall eat a feast.
There I will reward you
and bring you out of the least.
To your rightful inheritance for all to see.

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David Sherer

David Sherer lives in WI an attends church at Crossing Community Church where he runs sound and tech. His future goal is to get his Christian Counseling Certificate to help broken families. His desire is to help broken men and help lead boys into manhood.

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